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After many years of using a sledge hammer to bang sleeves into the ground, we developed a fence post installation technique called the reverse sleeve. It allows us to erect a deer fence of up to 9 feet without using a ladder or sledgehammer. The main benefit of this installation system is that our sleeve is inside of the post–therefore there is no way for water to get into the sleeve. Conventional sleeves fill with with water and can rust out in as little as five years. Other advantages of this unique technique are: the consistent height of each post, bottom metal cable attachment, a stronger post anchor and an overall easier post installation. Here are some specific benefits of our deer fence system.


Hard to believe it has been two years since we installed the deer fencing on our property. As of this week, it makes a full 2 years since we full enclosed the property. Happy to inform you that we have been 100% deer free since (fingers crossed it stays that way).

The difference on the property and the plantings has been dramatic. We now have a wide variety of plants that are able to grow and prosper unhindered by deer devastation. In fact, we have discovered rare, indigenous orchids on the property which many horticulturist thought were essentially lost due to habitat destruction.

And I should also mention, we have seen a dramatic drop in ticks on the property.

We had a “local” on our property who is an arborist and he was really impressed that the fence was not put up professionally - just the two of
us installed the whole property. Thank you for your guidance.

All the best,


The new post design is great. They are so easy to put in, it’s amazing! Wish I had those back when I did the fence the first time…

-Mark K, NJ

The Benner Deer Fence System

Professional Deer Fence Installation

The Benner Deer Fence Company offers deer fence installation in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Ohio. 

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