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Our Deer Fence System

Our easy to install and maintain deer fence system for DIY homeowners consists of virtually invisible polypropylene, metal, or polypropylene and metal fence blended together that flexes on impact. The height of our deer fence varies from 6-ft to 9-ft. depending on the application and situation. The fence can be lipped in or out to keep pets in and/or deer out. Our fence is installed on black poly coated metal posts using our exclusive reverse sleeve method. Trees can be used as posts without damaging the tree. Posts are spaced 8-ft to 14-ft. apart. The fence is supported by a 2, 3 or 4-cable support system with a heavy duty metal bottom cable. Matching gates are available up to 16-ft. wide and are highly customizable.

9 Features of our Fence System

  1. Flexes on Impact: Poly fence is designed to flex on impact. If a deer happens to run into the fence, the fence springs back and doesn’t dent. A metal deer fence installed using our reverse sleeve system will also flex on impact, though not as much as poly. Most of the flex comes from the post installation method. There is a slight space between the outside of the reverse sleeve and the inside of the fence post. This allows the post to shift on the sleeve if impacted.

  2. Virtual Invisible: Generally deer fences that are installed in wooded or landscaped areas disappear into the surroundings and become barely noticeable. All of our fence, posts and accessories are black. The poly and metal fence has a mesh design that you can see completely through. For garden fences the invisibility allows you to see the plants inside the fenced area.

  3. Easy to Maintain: All of our fence systems require little or no maintenance. Basic maintenance includes tightening cable, replacing cable ties (after several years in the sun, cable ties can become weak), adding hog ring clips every several years can help to maintain the overall tightness of the fence. Repairs from tree damage are relatively easy. The damaged section of fence can simply be replaced.

  4. The Reverse Sleeve: Our exclusive reverse sleeve method makes installing your fence a breeze and eliminates problems with traditional ground sleeves. The reverse sleeve is a hollow, heavy gauge, galvanized metal pipe 5-ft to 6-ft in length that penetrates the ground with relative ease. A hand held post driver or an automatic gas powered driver (available in our online store or many local tool rental stores) is used to drive the sleeve about 3 feet into the ground. This eliminates the need to get on your hands and knees to pound a sleeve into the ground with a sledge hammer. Once the reverse sleeve is in the ground, a bottom brace band is fastened to the reverse sleeve at ground level. Then simply slip the black deer fence posts on top of the reverse sleeve. The posts will stay at a consistent height along your fence line.

  5. The Bracing System: All of the corner, end and gate posts include a superior bracing system, exclusive by the Benner Deer Fence Co. Each brace pipe is secured to the top of every corner, end and gate post, and the lower end is secured to the bottom of the next line post. This prevents movement of the braced post and lengthens the life of the fence system. Also providing a great termination point for cables and fence because the post is secure and doesn’t move when tension is applied.

  6. The Cable Support System: All of our fence systems have a minimum of 2-cables consisting of a top and bottom cable. The cables stretch the fence vertically while also supporting it horizontally. This keeps the fence taught so it doesn’t bend or sag, providing a clean, formal appearance. If the fence is a poly/metal our system uses a third cable to support the junction area of the two fences. For high deer traffic areas, additional cables can be added at the deer impact zone of the fence (4’, 5’ and 6’).

  7. Highly Customizable Gates: In our store we have a large selection of standard widths and heights of gates. In addition to those gates, we can customize to your exact measurements. Most gates can have additional supports and/or bracing added.

  8. Using Trees as Posts without Hurting Trees: We safely attach a cable to the side of a tree to act as a post. Black eye-lag screw, found here, are used to fasten a cable vertically onto a tree. Depending on the number of horizontal cable supports used, the matching number of eye-lag screws are secured to the tree. The 3/8” x 4.5” eye lag screws are screwed approximately 2” into the tree, thus allowing the tree to grow without having a fence stapled directly to it.

  9. The Fence is Malleable: The fence can be lipped in or out to keep pets in or deer out. To keep your fence secure to the ground, we recommend bending and/or lipping about 6” of the fence along the bottom of your fence line. Lipping the fence out prevents animals from being able to lift the fence and crawl under it. For deer out situations only, the fence can be lipped out towards the deer or rodents. For deer out/dog in situations, the fence can be lipped in towards the dogs and ground stakes can be added for additional security. The lipping combined with the bottom metal cable support makes for a virtually impenetrable fence.


Hard to believe it has been two years since we installed the deer fencing on our property. As of this week, it makes a full 2 years since we full enclosed the property. Happy to inform you that we have been 100% deer free since (fingers crossed it stays that way).

The difference on the property and the plantings has been dramatic. We now have a wide variety of plants that are able to grow and prosper unhindered by deer devastation. In fact, we have discovered rare, indigenous orchids on the property which many horticulturist thought were essentially lost due to habitat destruction.

And I should also mention, we have seen a dramatic drop in ticks on the property.

We had a “local” on our property who is an arborist and he was really impressed that the fence was not put up professionally - just the two of
us installed the whole property. Thank you for your guidance.

All the best,


The new post design is great. They are so easy to put in, it’s amazing! Wish I had those back when I did the fence the first time…

-Mark K, NJ

The Benner Deer Fence System

Professional Deer Fence Installation

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