Why the Reverse Sleeve?

Our exclusive reverse sleeve method makes installing your fence a breeze and eliminates problems with traditional ground sleeves


  • No bending needed to install reverse sleeve

  • No sledge hammer needed

  • No water collection or rusted out sleeves

  • Provides extra-strength for overall integrity of fence

  • Protects posts from impact or storm damage

What is the reverse sleeve?

The reverse sleeve (offered only at our shop) is a hollow, heavy gauge, galvanized metal pipe that penetrates the ground with relative ease. A hand held post driver is used to drive the sleeve about 3 feet into the ground. No need to get on your hands and knees to pound a sleeve in the ground with a sledge hammer.

The Problems with Traditional Ground Sleeves

  1. They don’t last: Over time, traditional ground sleeves can fill with water which leads to rust in both the sleeve and post. Posts become weak enough from the rust that they can bend or break. The posts bend or break at the ground level which weakens the fence line.

  2. They are difficult to install: Traditional ground sleeves require a driving cap and banging the cap with a sledge hammer. The bottom of the sleeve is crimped, making it difficult to bang into rocky or rooty soil.

  3. They can easily be damaged during installation: After several hard hits to the driving cap, the sleeve can begin to mushroom out at the top. This can wedge the driving cap down into the sleeve and requires a bit of work to get out. The damaged sleeve causes the post to be loose inside the sleeve, which would require nails to be installed in the gap.

  4. They cause the fulcrum point of the post to be at ground level: The deer impact zone is 2-feet to 4-feet above ground level. A ground level fulcrum point can cause the post to break on impact.

The Benefits of the Reverse Sleeve

  1. Long-lasting: The reverse sleeve doesn’t rust out.

  2. Easy to install: The reverse sleeve is easy to install in various types of soil. The hollow thick walls can break through roots and packed rock. You stand for installation and control the angle that sleeve sets into the ground.

  3. Easy to maintain: The reverse sleeve is malleable, so it can bend upon heavy impact from fallen trees or rutting deer. The sleeve generally bends at the ground level, leaving the post intact. The sleeve can then be bent back and reinstalled without needing to replace the sleeve or post.

  4. Large fulcrum point: If impact occurs from a startled deer or fallen tree limb, there is a 2-3 ft. fulcrum point at the bottom of the fence post. The sleeves serves as an additional post since it is inside the deer fence post, making the fence post that much stronger.

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